Interactive and informative, Waka sources, transforms and creates an expression of unique style, sophistication, quality and beauty to be admired and cherished for generations to come. Historically renowned with a tradition in excellence, Pounamu Pearl and The Opal Centre are now combined under one exotically scintillating roof. Rob Lynes sources the most unique gems from the South Pacific creating exquisite jewellery and objet d’art in a celebration of inimitable style.

It is not surprising this small, dedicated team have earned an outstanding international reputation and are considered unsurpassed in their field of craftsmanship. Their creations are to be cherished forever. Aptly named, Waka Gallery is a vessel, a way forward, an investment in the future, just as the great ocean-navigating Vaka canoes were eons ago for the Pacific people. The opening exhibition showcases New Zealand’s rare and precious gemstone – the Blue Pearl. Presented in free form or in exclusive, rare and inimitable jewellery the gallery highlights the story of the Blue Pearl and how it came to be internationally renowned as New Zealand’s own national gem.

Also on display is Waka’s unrivalled collection of Lightning Ridge Black Opal. But the outstanding focal point of the exhibit is “The Navigator”. Carved by Rob from a single colossal Pounamu boulder the Navigator represents resilience, bravery and extraordinary exploratory skills – he is the Wayfinder who ranks highest of all and is an icon of strength, knowledge and faith. The Navigator is beyond beautiful, beyond a skilful representation of an ancient hero. He is lean, powerful, Pacific and a god among his people – a beacon of new life and discovery and the ideal centrepiece for Waka Gallery. Rob Lynes has created a simpatico of enchantment and education at Waka Gallery.

They have created a visionary Gallery of breathtaking jewellery and pieces each crafted individually on site, a plethora of information, education and first-hand experience into the tools and techniques required to work Pounamu (jade) and opal. Relax in executive comfort and be entranced by the interactive educational display telling the story of Pounamu, the unique New Zealand Blue, Tahitian Black, White South Sea and Golden South Sea Pearls and Australian Opals in the comfortable lounge area. Or simply move through the gallery viewing the collection of the finest, most exclusive examples on offer at Waka. Waka Gallery is a veritable indulgence of the senses, a celebration of beauty and creativity and they welcome you to celebrate their unique journey.

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